What is Twitter?

By Jeff King

Twitter is a system that allows you to post short text items (140 characters or less) that you want to share with other people. It also lets you see what other people are posting. You may be thinking, "What's the point?" but there are many ways to use Twitter in your business. Here are some examples, followed by a few additional resources.

Use Twitter to . . .

  • Share mini press releases
  • Share status updates on a long-term project or product in development
  • Highlight interesting projects you've completed
  • Let clients in one channel know what you do in others
  • Share small and large success stories
  • Speak to your ideal audience, attract your ideal customer
  • Highlight things other people/businesses are doing that compliment your offerings
  • Recommend books, speakers, concepts, events, etc.
  • Re-tweet relevant posts (easily pass along something that someone else has posted)
  • Interact with clients/prospects
  • Provide customer service
  • Ask questions and receive customer support
  • Give customers a behind-the-scenes look into your business

Of course, the best way to see if it might be of value to you is to check out what other business are doing with it.

Using Twitter Search

Twitter has a powerful search engine that can benefit your business even if you do not have a Twitter account. You can use Twitter Search to . . .

  • See what is being said about your name/brand
  • Find out what is happening (up to the minute) in your industry
  • Find out what is happening right now in your local area
  • Look for opportunities to help current customers that use Twitter – it’s a window into their world
  • Research the competition
  • Find contacts at a specific place within a company's organizational structure
  • Follow partners, associates, clients, industry leaders, etc.
  • Find relevant information and stay on top of new trends

Twitter Resources

For a more in-depth introduction to Twitter, check out these items:

Twitter Tools

If you decide that Twitter is for you, you can find tools that extend the power of Twitter and help you to manage it more efficiently. For instance, if you maintain multiple Twitter accounts (let's say you own more than one business) then you might want to use software that allows you to access all of them at once. Here is a small sampling of what's out there:

What's Next?

I wrote this article to provide a quick overview of what Twitter is and why you might want to use it for your business. It's not for everyone, but with some creative thinking you might find a way to incorporate it in your business in a way that adds value.

To get started, check out what other businesses are doing with Twitter and create an anonymous account so that you can begin to play with it and see how it works.

If you are thinking about using Twitter for your own business and would like to discuss it further, send an email or call me at 717.396.9554. Maybe I can help.