Why Do I Need a Business Coach or Consultant?

By Jeff King

Because you want to achieve your goals faster.

In order to use time efficiently, certain goals and objectives require outside help. Let’s look at two practical examples. Say you need to know the answer to a legal question. You could spend hours or days researching the problem, not knowing for sure if you’re findings really apply to your situation given the differences in state law, etc. . . . Or you could receive solid, practical, personalized advice in a single conversation with an experienced attorney. What’s the best use of your time?

Here is one that is very common. You need something done that involves computer software and some technical knowledge. Do you purchase the software and figure it out yourself, or do you hire someone who already possesses the necessary skills and equipment? What are the cost/benefit and time/frustration ratios for both options?

People who value their time generally delegate what can be delegated to others. But what about those things which can’t be delegated, such as setting and achieving your own personal and business goals? Here again, a good advisor — whether you call them a consultant or coach -- can help you achieve results faster by helping you to act from a position of clarity and purpose rather than ambiguity and indecision. Time is no longer the enemy. Outside circumstances no longer dictate the health of your business.

Because you desire objectivity.

A coach or consultant is not emotionally involved in the depths of your situation, so they may be able to see things much more clearly than you do. They can help you to frame the problem in a way that allows you to clearly see the course of action you should take. Is this a big deal, is it not a big deal? What happens if I do this or that? You can’t see the answer from where you are, but someone else may be able to. A good coach or consultant will help you to expand your mental “peripheral vision”, make wise decisions and take action that results in greater long-term success.

This benefit is particularly important for people who own multiple businesses or are otherwise busy managing many different projects. The life of someone in this situation typically involves complex systems, schedules and multi-tiered relationships with many interdependent elements. This activity, and the mental and emotional inputs required to sustain it, can result in lots of wasted time and energy if attention is not focused properly. A good coach listens deeply and provides valuable feedback which helps you to see things clearly. This in turn helps you to act with purpose in business and in life, ending the cycle of unfinished business and constant firefighting. With good coaching it is possible to manage lots of projects but without the busy-ness and pervasive sense of chaos.

Because coaching enhances creativity and problem-solving ability.

The output of a good coaching relationship is far greater than 1 + 1. Spending regular uninterrupted time with someone else who’s sole purpose is to help you move forward in business and in life results in an explosion of creativity and problem-solving ability. The synergy of two like-minded people working together on a common goal is exponentially greater than a typical meeting of colleagues for the purpose of discussing the same old problems and the same lack of time, resources or talent. Coaching disrupts old ways of thinking and working, restoring a sense of fun to the act of owning and guiding a business. Problems are rooted out and destroyed. New opportunities appear. Adventure returns.

Because you want to improve continuously.

As Steve Chandler puts it, coaching is only for those who want to do their best. Professional runners don’t need coaches to teach them how to run. They know how to run. But a coach can observe and provide feedback in order to teach them how to run faster, further and with less stress on their bodies. Beyond basic principles, the coaching they receive is different than the coaching any other runner receives, because their physiology and personality are unique. In all other areas of life, from playing the guitar to running a successful business, help is available for those who want to achieve the best result with what they have to work with. Coaching can help you to create the life you choose and transform the present moment into a source of happiness.

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